Countdown to the Holidays.......with RDI

This time of the year gets even busier for us so here are a few ideas to put some RDI into your day to maximize opportunities.Try some of these fun activities with your child...Remember to keep it simple, with lots of pauses and non verbals to help foster experience sharing and lots of waiting and declarative communication to see if your child can *THINK* of his/her next step!!!! Some modifications may be needed depending on your child. Have fun and always keep in mind is the experience we are spotlighting, not the activity! Check back in January for 60 days through Winter...with RDI

Paint together , each of you with a brush and poster boardCut two pieces of fruit up and taste test the differencesTake a walk to spotlight breathing in the cool air
Play Freeze DanceCoordinate drinking a favorite drink together (cocoa anyone???)Blow up a balloon and see how long you can keep it in the air
Start a placemat
Finish the placemat!
taking your time for the experience and not just *getting* it done
Decorate a pie
Enjoy Thanksgiving dinner..take a moment to practice raising your fork together to eat at the same timeSing together...take this opportunity to sing your favorite holidays songs or any song that you both enjoyLook through a few pictures from last year at thanksgiving, and talk about memories made(Even if you are doing the reminiscing, your child is listening)
Make the bed, then coordinate falling on the bedPut three surprise items in a bag and anticipate what is in the bag togetherPlay Catch
Any Christmas or Holiday cards yet?? Check the mail!
Keep checking!!
Make a homemade Christmas Card together
Take a walk together and spotlight any lights that are on houses, etc
Take a drive to look at lights in the neighborhoodMake a plan together for which 2 holiday shows to watch in the upcoming week.Who do we need to buy for?? Involve your child in thinking who to buy for this season
Go to a different store that you have never been tooShare a moment with putting together or picking out a Christmas treeWater the tree together/ or fix branches together ( for an artificial tree)
Make a gingerbread house- SImple is grahams and frosting or a kit, or from scratch! Use lots of candy! :)Involve your child in some activities for decorating the tree ( simultaneously put two decorations on at the same time)Put aside 10 ornaments, one for each day and then decide each day which ornament to put on the tree together ( lots of non verbal or *thinking*
Cookies!!! Need I say more! Making a batch may be overwhelming, so have your child pour in the vanilla or some other small role.Need to taste the cookies!! Comment on the flavors you taste and your favoritesTake a walk together and spotlight any lights that are on houses that weren’t there the last time?
Bring out some wrapping paper and scaffold your child’s ability...practice folding and taping all the way up to wrapping an actual present togetherMore Cookies! Stirring together! Coordinate the cookie dough
Lots of pausing and waiting
Bring out two bins, so each of you can coordinate putting the cookies away together
Review with your child a few minutes of video from cookies or tree decoratingHoliday craft … match an idea to your childs level
Unwrap a box together for a surprise Model as necessary
Take a walk together look, more lights then even before!Sing a favorite song together, pausing to help your child step inSet the table together, giving your child a simple role they feel competent in
Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays. Spotlight for your child in some of the traditions of your family as you celebrate your holidayMake clean up fun...pretend the wrapping paper is a swamp to escape from or have a *snowball* fight with paperAlll that trash!! Coordinate taking the trash out together!
Take a walk to just relax and *be* together recovering from the hustle and bustleSleep in!! Stay in your Pj’s alittle longer today and play a board gameHappy New Year!! Coordinate making noise with pots and pans ( can be done during the day too:))


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