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Awareness... and the call TO ACTION

  Today Amy Cameron is my guest blogger... Please read this important message.... You will be directed to her new blog at the bottom of this post!   If you are already aware of autism, DO something about it.   Today is World Autism Day. People from all over the world are supposed to “Light it Up Blue” to raise awareness of autism. The CDC just released the new statistics last week indicating a 30% increase in autism. 1 in 68 children has a diagnosis of autism.  ( 1 in 45 Children in New Jersey!!!) In the 25 years I have spent as a therapist specializing in autism, those numbers have risen from 1 in 2500. Clearly we have an epidemic. Clearly it is not about better diagnostics. Clearly it is not all about the genetics. We don’t seem to know what is causing this crisis. Common sense tells us we need to start being very careful with what we are shooting into the bodies of the very young, despite what the American Pediatric Association mandates Chick here to read the rest....