getting started

Here is a post about getting started while you wait for a consultant.  Things like changing your communication to less questions,  more comments so that you child does not feel they are always in a performance demand.  I get it, no feedback so we start to ask more questions and before we know it our interactions pulling information out by asking questions
Matching the pace of the interaction so that your child does not perceive that what you and they are doing together is about the end result…  its more about the process not the end product.  These and more are on the blog…  but to actually have the support of an RDI consultant with personalized objectives, reach out to me at or visit my website
You can also check if there are consultants in your area at
If there is not a local consultant, many consultants, including myself do long distance through the help of technology.  For example I have families that I zoom call with  by weekly to give them objectives to work on.


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