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Not letting Autism get in the way

This is a presentation from the Autism One conference 2014... Speakers are Kathy Darrow, Amy Cameron and Kimberly Isaac-Emery.  Here are two of the videos that you can hear playing in the background but cannot see.   Click here for 1st video and . Click here for 2nd video   .   Click here for the third video/Amy reviewing the assessment ....and this next video is the video that we ran out of time and could not show   Click here for the ending video .    Please contact me at if you have any questions!   visit my website here

Healing the Body Building the mind- RDI

Here is the first presentation on RDI at the Autism one conference 2014...  Here is the video that was played as Kim described the Guiding relationship   Click here to see the RDI activity now shown in the presentation    For more information on RDI visit  my website here  or email me at