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Parenthood episode- I looked them in the eyes

Last week’s parenthood was so telling when it comes to the raw emotions of watching our children struggle with understanding other people’s perspective.   My eyes instantly started to burn as I fought back the tears as I watched *mom* watch Max sitting on the playground reading a book as the other children interacted.   If you missed the episode, you can find it here I also enjoyed watching the writers roundtable   here and here is where Jason Katims talks about the asperger’s storyline taken from * real life* Of course as I watched parenthood, and watched the classroom scene ( raise your hand if you felt like reaching through the TV into that classroom??), along with the lunchroom and playground, I could not help but know that a parent of a child with Autism had to be involved in the writing.   We, as a community, can relate to the emotions that we all go through, no matter what side of the spectrum our children fall. Nothing