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Employment for children with Autism

Think about your last job interview.   What were some of the questions?   Did they include questions like, How well do you work in a team?   Or what are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?   Do you get along with people?   Why should I hire you? These are all very open ended questions.   In today’s world, more than ever, employers are looking for flexibility,   creativity, problem solving skills, and an overall ability to share perspectives when looking at a task at hand. Within the   Autism community,   we know that these very abilities that employers are looking for , are what our kids struggle with if not addressed.   Wanted to throw some thoughts out after reading this article- For my own two children who were diagnosed with Autism, both before the age of 3,   this was my wakeup call 7 years ago.   My oldest was just about 8.   He had intensive therapy for 4 years and was very adv