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Episodic Memory and Autism (part3)

Click to view part one and part two Research informs us that in typical development the foundations for episodic memory are formed in infancy through everyday parent-child interactions that take place naturally within their relationship.  Similarly, research indicates that the parent-child relationship, when the child is on the autistic continuum, is disrupted.  Within RDI this relationship is referred to as the ‘Guided Participation Relationship’.  The founders of RDI Dr Gutstein and Dr Sheely, label this disruption as a ‘Lack of Growth Seeking’ which prevents the child from being motivated to learn that ‘you and me = us’, through: seeking and sharing experiences with their parent looking to their parent when they are unsure of how to do something, or just need some encouragement to continue naturally observing what their parent is doing within their environment to enhance their own learning exploring and experimenting with objects with the