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RDI's Family consultation program

Guest blogger Dr Gutstein- The Family Consultation Program (FCP): Frequently Asked Questions "I believe that these children present a challenge and opportunity for all of us. The challenge they present is to understand and appreciate the thousands of elegant small steps it takes to turn a small infant into a fully competent adult human being. The opportunity is the permission we are given when we are privileged to function as Guides, to slow our pace and  admire the daily miracles of development.”  -  Dr. Steven Gutstein, 2006 What is the Family Consultation Program? The RDI Family Consultation Program was designed to help families restore the natural "Guiding Relationship" when it has been disrupted or has failed to develop. Parents work with a trained RDI Family Consultant to harness the immense potential residing within each family. The goal is to to provide parents with tools and the knowledge of how best to use these tools function as a 'Guide' a

A few thoughts on Dynamic intelligence

Guest Blogger-  Dr Gutstein A Brief Introduction to Dynamic Intelligence Steven E. Gutstein Ph.D. What is Dynamic Intelligence? The real-world application of the most sophisticated level of human neural processing. Mental functioning that has evolved to enable us to successfully handle challenges presented by complex, dynamic environments The Gutstein Dynamic Intelligence Model, considers human beings to be active decision-makers, problem-solvers, opportunity-seekers and life-long learners, who benefit from their own and others experience, to make and execute effective decisions, in increasingly complex, dynamically changing environments.    Dynamic Intelligence is deployed in settings where emergent change is the norm. These are fluid, information rich environments, where paralysis or chaos results if we cannot rapidly "filter" and narrow down the Decision-Making Field. They are "volatile" environments where new situations may emerge without notice and re

Guiding...and why it is so important

Guest blogger ...Dr. Gutstein on Guiding.... A Brief Introduction to Guiding Steven E. Gutstein Ph.D. Parents have many different responsibilities and take on many roles with their children. They provide for their safety and physical health. They protect them and keep them safe. They teach them how to take care of themselves and do the tasks of daily life. They have fun together. They provide them with rules and discipline but also with lots of love. These are the parenting activities we are most familiar with. They are the easiest for us to see. But there is much more going on underneath the surface.  Over the last 30 years, developmental psychologists have discovered that people are not born with Dynamic Intelligence. While some people are born with more potential to acquire Dynamic Intelligence than others, even those with the highest potential will not develop Dynamic Intelligence unless the right opportunities are made available to them. While all of the above parenting