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Why are there RDI consultants?

If you have had a chance to review this blog, it can be overwhelming.  There are many programs out there that have strategies however RDI is unique as it is a precise program that helps both parents and children in addressing the many facets of Autism.  YOu are not alone when you are doing RDI with your child!! The following is taken from RDI connect .... the below article is here This has been an exciting year for our professional training program as we doubled the number of people who entered training. This was due due to offering more online training with a new hybrid class and opening three additional training centers in India, Australia and S.E. Asia. You may wonder why we talk so much about this part of our enterprise. Our focus to train and equip more professionals in our protocol and model is crucial and allows us to: 1) Reach more people:  There are still pockets where RDI is not well known, or where there are no consultants. We hope to continue to expand our training

Charting out the course

For those of you that like to see a the forest with the trees...  Here is a chart that talks about some of the initial strategies and  mental processes that we cover when beginning RDI.  These are the initial RDI parent objectives. and below are some of the stage one objectives ( individualized for every child)  We will be talking about what is on both of these charts!  Now I know they are small...but they save fine and print out so you can read them clearer! :)

The first week of RDI

Did you ever ponder if you should start something or hold off?  I do all the time!!!  Sometimes Im glad I waited and sometimes I think,  awee man,  I should have done that! This intro post and those after it will walk you through some of the RDI program....  to help in your pondering.  Hopefully this can help you decide if RDI is the path you want to explore to help your child feel competent!! To add some humor,  lets look at this like a sitcom/drama series....Each week new drama unfolds, and there may be a few misunderstandings and some humor along the way.  We can call this series.... Everyone understands RDI.  ( one of my fave shows is Everyone loves while I cant promise this will be entertaining like hollywood,  at least it will have a flare of comedy as Laughter is usually really good medicine)