The first week of RDI

Did you ever ponder if you should start something or hold off?  I do all the time!!!  Sometimes Im glad I waited and sometimes I think,  awee man,  I should have done that!
This intro post and those after it will walk you through some of the RDI program....  to help in your pondering.  Hopefully this can help you decide if RDI is the path you want to explore to help your child feel competent!!

To add some humor,  lets look at this like a sitcom/drama series....Each week new drama unfolds, and there may be a few misunderstandings and some humor along the way.  We can call this series....

Everyone understands RDI.  ( one of my fave shows is Everyone loves while I cant promise this will be entertaining like hollywood,  at least it will have a flare of comedy as Laughter is usually really good medicine)


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