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RDI Cheat sheet to start.....

Relationship Development Intervention ®   "Cheat" Sheet by Kathy Darrow-   RDI Certified Consultant There are two different ways our brains process information, Statically and Dynamically. Static thinking is what you know. For example, formulas, procedures (like following a recipe), memorized information (like multiplication tables), habits and routine.   We know that one rule is we need to stop when the traffic light is red. Dynamic thinking is what you can do with what you know in a continually changing world. In other words, how you solve real world problems.   Dynamic thinking involves major processes like flexible thinking, experience sharing communication, appraisal and self-awareness.   When we use dynamic thinking our brains are operating more mindfully.   We deliberate, reflect, worry, hypothesize, and daydream.   AN example is what happens if the traffic light is not functioning.   We can deliberate the fact that the light must be broken and plan our next a