How is RDI unique?

RDI targets gradually rebuilding the foundations of the guiding relationship… This is how children learn how to borrow perspective from adults around them. Think of an infant, they learn from their experiences. When they are learning how to walk they fall they get up its ok they learn from the challenge…their successful interactions with others. RDI picks up where Autism disrupted…goes back for that redo so to speak to help that child back on their own personal developmental trajectory. Kids with Autism react differently to challenge, its not productive, its unproductive and scary. They fall they don’t want to get back up, it doesn’t feel safe so they discover if they don’t accept change they can keep their world safe. Lets face it behaviors ( for example struggling with transitions) are a way a child is trying to communicate, so we take that and work on what is at the core, building their ability to function in a dynamic world so they can feel competent. RDI adds that element on guiding where other therapies do not …being able to learn from experiences. This changes their neurology in a positive way which of course addresses behaviors at the same time win win!


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