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What do you see for your child?

I receive emails regularly from parents who just received a diagnoses for their son or daughter and they are heartbroken.  I make sure to tell them that they are what their child needs!!  Not only do I work with amazing families who knew their child was capable of so much more and knew what they wanted for their family when other professionals gave a poor prognosis,  I have also heard the words, he will never talk, he will never have a friend, he will never "go with the flow" he will never  blah blah blah...  I didnt listen! This testimony is from an amazing family that I work with.  I wanted to post it  because I want you, the reader to know,  if you are reading this and your child was just diagnosed or even if you just feel stuck with his current program,  There is so much hope and empowerment in restoring your childs development and dynamic thinking.  Dont let anyone tell you what your child will never do!  This family is just one example of how they went with their gut