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RDI strategies ( with tools of the mind)

I am excited to write this blog ( starting a series to help with strategies for the home and schoolroom) for so many reasons! By the end of this series I may have covered them all, but we will start off with the foundations for why I think this topic is incredibly important for the ASD community. Tools of the mind is a book that takes a developmental approach for children…typical children, It is written for teachers, to give them tools in the classroom to help their students construct knowledge from their experience and memories. To help equip children with Mental tools as quoted in the Preface “ Mental tools are ideas we learn from others, modify and then pass on.” This is the link from Amazon about the book, and this is a link on a write up about the approach. This book does not referen

Countdown to the Holidays.......with RDI

This time of the year gets even busier for us so here are a few ideas to put some RDI into your day to maximize opportunities.Try some of these fun activities with your child...Remember to keep it simple, with lots of pauses and non verbals to help foster experience sharing and lots of waiting and declarative communication to see if your child can *THINK* of his/her next step!!!! Some modifications may be needed depending on your child. Have fun and always keep in mind is the experience we are spotlighting, not the activity! Check back in January for 60 days through Winter...with RDI Paint together , each of you with a brush and poster board Cut two pieces of fruit up and taste test the differences Take a walk to spotlight breathing in the cool air Play Freeze Dance Coordinate drinking a favorite drink together (cocoa anyone???) Blow up a balloon and see how long you can keep it in the air Start a placemat