why this blog?

Hi,  I’m so happy that you found my blog.  This blog is dedicated to answering questions and providing basic information about RDI.  This blog is linked to my own website.  I hope this assists you in making an educated decision if you are considering RDI for your family.  I have a complimentary blog that delves into child development and remediation of Autism through RDI if you would like to visit…  http://autismremediationforourchildren.blogspot.com/

Please feel free to ask me any questions….the more answers we have the better we are able to help each child’s path to removing Autism as their obstacle!

Kathy Darrow
RDI Mom and RDI Certified consultant http://www.autismremediation.com/

Listen in as Mommy Time host Kristin Selby Gonzalez talks with RDI consultant and specialist Kathy Darrow about tools and tips that you can do with you children today!

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