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How do I "do" RDI?

  In the spirit of creating this blog, I wanted to chat about *doing* RDI.   As with most of my posts here, I have asked many of the same questions that I write about, which is why I am here. Two of the questions that I run across from time to time is how do I do RDI …and then because a quick answer usually creates more questions…the next is usually Why is RDI vague? So I am going to try and make RDI less vague …These are my reflections, based on implementing RDI with my own 2 boys over 7 years ago and my work as a consultant for the past 4 years. RDI is…. Relationship development intervention is based on the latest research in developmental Psychology, transferring these cutting edge advances to effectively apply them to help our children on the Autism Spectrum.   Through empowering parents,   RDI consultants equip families to deliver a state of the art program to help restore the developmental trajectory of their child on the spectrum.   In this step by step process, t