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The after Halloween RDI activity

Found a gem from a Dad 2 years back working on specific objectives within their RDI program.  For his son,  assigning roles and setting a boundary with the role helped his son understand the power of following his guides lead.  This helped him become an excellent apprentice.  Dad,  in this video worked on Guiding along with anticipation and some non verbal communication  and spotlighting the experience in this activity.  Dad made  sure his pace was strategic so even when his son wanted to plow ahead,  within a slower pace framework, his son was able to recognize a disconnect. The smiles as the video progressed made it clear that this was not just a task to be completed, but rather some sweet moments of connection.  In this video,   Dad spotlighted same time actions. This is just one example of taking very simple activities and turning them into moments of competence!  You could do this same activity using the different frameworks ie turn taking( you then me) same time ( lets do it t