A Father's Reflections


As I finished booking the hotel room for my father’s day adventure with my kids, I remember many years ago ( 10+ years) It was not an easy task to have the day run smoothly.  There are a lot of unknowns in the mountains…  and you definitely need think dynamically as even the best made plans unfold differently than anticipated.  This is what makes time together an adventure!  This is what I have worked on with my son through the years of RDI!  Now that he is a teenager, our trips together with the rest of  my kids are exciting as we all love to explore.  The love for NEW adventures has helped Jesse become an experience seeker.  He takes those competent experiences with the unknowns of the past and how he reflects on resilience ( hindsight), and has been able to apply all that dynamic information to know how to handle the present and future ( foresight).  That is a fancy way of saying, he is flexible with how the experiences unfold and actually wants variations and to try new things.  I am thankful for this because while we first initally focused on a skill based program when he was 2 and 3 years old,  we quickly realized this was not going to get him where he needed to be in the long term.  Our mission statements that both me and my wife made for Jesse looking into his future, we realized we wanted him to excel at problem solving and understanding the why of relationships ( the joy of doing something with another person as the important part instead of seeing a person as always trying to get him to do something or perform).

What we have done through RDI has and continues to prepare Jesse for adulthood, as through the years the adventures naturally and intuitively worked on what experiences to spotlight and save for himself to develop and thrive in his thinking.

To my fellows RDI dads or those interested in started…  celebrate your success as each moment you create a deeper understanding of relationships and why adventures in life are exciting.  If you are just starting out or are a veteran Dad…the payoff of focusing on Dynamic Intelligence is incredibly worth it!

Dave Darrow


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