Obstacles to remediation

Within RDI,  there is a planning stage for the family after the assessment.  This gives the consultant and family an opportunity to see the obstacles in their own child’s static thinking.  We review these ( This is not an exhaustive list but the main obstacles) and mark all that apply.  After that we decide the three top priorities to begin with in the program!
They are as follows- 
Respecting limits and boundaries
Behavioral self regulation
Limited emotional response ( Anhedonia)
Emotional regulation problems ( Meltdowns)
Frustration tolerance
Opposition and defiance
Aggressive/Violent?Threatening/Risk taking
Attention engagement and/or Maintenance
Drowsy/Low Energy
Hyperactive-  in constant motion
Obsessive focus
Rigid /inflexible
Inappropriate, annoying language use
Limited or absent motivation
Non communicative
Passive/ Prompt dependant
Poor body tone- rigid or floppy
…………….continued to more unique obstacles

Kathy Darrow- RDI Certified Professional


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