Supporting the family with younger children

RDI takes a family first through the family consultation process, first preparing for guiding by refocusing on What Autism is and how we can indeed change the brain and the outcome! Lets be clear,  by saying change the brain, I mean that we help the child with self affirming moments, where they can tell themselves things like, "I can fall down and get up".  Changing the brain to handle challenge is not changing who a child is at their core,  its removing the potential for the anxiety that could manifest because of that unproductive uncertainty. Together with families,  In a very deliberate step by step process from writing mission previews on where you want to see your child in 5 years or 10 years, to being more aware how to organize activities during the day to be optimal for that redo!  We go to learning about co regulation and framing, and spotlighting, to helping a child not feel like their whole world is crashing down when something changes in their day  It’s a very comprehensive program of parent objectives while simultaneously beginning to address the childs obstacles.   This support turns that hopeless feeling as a parent, not knowing how to help to having a plan and knowing what to do!  Each assignment is videoed and discussed before moving onto the next and with each mastered assignment the entire family is empowered.
My goal is to help your child regain development that was disrupted because of Autism!  Once this process has begun,  new skills emerge daily.  We will then work on others skills and milestones that need extra support!  Its exciting to watch!

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