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For older clients, we may still go through the family consultation program, however what we see with teens and adults is they have had many additional years to built up a storehouse of negative memories where they feel incompetent. They have spent years trying to make sense of subtle clues in relationships, how to share perspective and reflect on their own day and the events that have unfolded. They have spent many years keeping themselves safe in a world that is very complex . Imagine if every day was new,  struggling to learn from experience or to even see how each experience ties into another.  They have learned skills but have also learned how to compensate for challenges and many times how to avoid that uncertainty that comes with stepping in an experience that has some unknowns.  Many times this is where Anxiety takes hold, and seeing behaviors is common.  RDI and working on Dynamic Intelligence supports the family to get to the root of the WHY of the behaviors and anxiety. 

For this reason, RDI works with teens and adults in a unique way,  acknowledging the current narrative they have and working on building up more affirming moments to build positive narratives. While some therapies try to continue to give general knowledge to this age group through social skills...  all this does it give the individual a set of scripts to pull from with no real meaning.  Additionally,  the problem is we can all recognize when someone is giving us a script in a conversation or if its truly an experience sharing moment in the conversation.

Guiding an individual through a systematic approach through experiential knowledge is what builds the mind towards independent thinking and excelling in a dynamic world.  This includes bookmarking and re-experiencing moments using different strategies ie  Pictures, Video, Selfies, Journaling.   We work to help individuals to feel competent and to be able to reflect on each experience for meaning.   With teens and adults is it even more crucial to anchor their experiences and build this narrative on how to make sense from all of their different experiences. 

Every Teen and Adult can benefit from working on narratives within their experiences, and since many love this age of technology, its exciting to them to getting started using these tools.

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